Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday BABY!!! (Nicholas' First Birthday!)

I honestly Cannot Believe that Nick is 1! Where did his first year go? I really thought that with him needing to stay home for 6 months the year would drag, but it didn't! And I actually enjoyed staying home (most of the time). It's not very often that on your fifth child you get to just take it easy and stay home!

Last year when I sat looking at him in his incubator, with tubes coming out of him from every which way, I was worried. Worried, but not scared. After his blessing I knew he would be ok. I didn't know how, but I knew he would be. That didn't stop the tears though. But the tears of joy that I felt on my Anniversary when I walked into the NICU and saw that he was off of the Vent were probably the most cleansing, and beautiful tears I have ever cried!
Nick has been an angel from the beginning. Other than his 2 hospital stays, he's been SO easy. He is loving and sweet, and Boy does he LOVE his brothers. His first word was "Tyler". He still only says "Tyler", "ATT" (MAtt), and "There".

And BOY is he a walker! He runs all over the place! I LOVE this age and I am so thankful for my little Nick!

Sunday after church we had a party for Nick. We were lucky enough to share the day with family and friends that I couldn't love without! Most of them were the ones that kept me sane during that 6 months! And I have to say it was Wonderful to have Stephen (Nick's namesake) here!The "cakes" I had fun making Nick's motorcycle cake, but I think that Mike's snake cake was pretty awesome too!!

We also sang "Happy Birthday to Mike, Travis and cousin Jonathan. It was a GREAT party!

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