Friday, May 8, 2009

Isaac's first lost tooth!!!!!!!

YEA!!! This morning I woke up and came out to the kitchen to find Isaac in a GREAT mood. He was jumping up and down and when I asked him what was up he showed me his loose tooth! He's been waiting forever to lose a tooth! Mike had told him to eat an apple to loosen it up a bit more and with every Bite Isaac Isaac would twist the apple and then explain that it helped loosen the tooth. He was so cute and so nervous! Finally I asked him if he wanted Dad to pull it. He said that Mike could try and see what he thought. The tooth was pulled and out before Isaac even realized that Mike had touched it! The first thing he did was call Zach. Thankfully Zach hadn't left for school yet! And then he called Grandma. A first lost tooth is VERY BIG DEAL and I am so excited for My sweet IZ!

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mary said...

Hooray!!! You are getting to grown up, Isaac!!!