Thursday, March 12, 2009

The "Rest of the Story"

(That's my shout out to Paul Harvey who just recently died. I loved that man!)

Ok so the trees came down on Saturday. But by the time that Mike and Trav had them out it was late and the dump was closed so the trees were sitting in the gutter/park strip. Well I guess that Riverdale Police were out looking for the really bad-bad guys on Monday because one of their finest stopped by to tell me that they "had to be moved" or we'd get fined. I told him that they had just barely come down and that the plan had been to cut them up and get rid of them that day but the smow was coming down like crazy and so I wasn't sure what Mike's plan was now. He told me that they had to be moved "right now"..........And stood there looking at me like I should go move them! I said "Well, I understand that, but it's not something I can just go do by myself!" (I was holding the baby, Lucas was hanging on my leg and Isaac was peeking around the corner!)

He finally went away and I called Mike. My wonderful husband came home right then and cut the trees all up and moved them onto our lawn (IN the wonderful snowstorm). I love you MIKE!
I MISS my Trees!

He's so CUTE!

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