Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Boys (#13)

Last night while I was blogging Isaac asked what I was doing. I explained to him all about my gratitude posts and that I was writing about Aunt Mary. He said "Well, how come you aren't writing about us? Your most grateful for us right?" I told him that of course I was and that I loved him. I have thought about that all day and I am most grateful for my boys (Mike Included of course)!! I love having a family of boys. There is nothing better than a night of basketball games or listening to a conversation about pokemon (and understanding it!)! As I have reconnected with people of Facebook the first thing they ask is "5 BOYS???? How do you make it?" Which makes me laugh because boys are really so easy! you just have to keep them busy! And they are so sweet to me! I LOVE having all boys!


mary said...

me too! I love our boys!

86d_Gamer said...

All right, now you need one more to have sub for basketball. Quite a squad you have there.


Sharilyn said...

Those are such CUTE boys!!! I loved working with Matt during art yesterday... He is such a quite little charmer.