Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving.....Man I have a lot to be Thankful for!

I woke up Thursday morning happy and content.
I thought back to the last few months and was reminded again of how much Heavenly Father blesses my family. I have a wonderful husband and 5 beautiful and HEALTHY boys! It's really easy to lose focus and start to stress about all of the "stuff" in life, but as long as I have my family I'm good!

Thanksgiving day started with Mike and the 4 older boys going on a hike up waterfall canyon. Tyler was searching for animal prints that he could make a mold of. They ended up making one from Missy's paw prints, but everyone came home
happy!After they cleaned up we headed to Mom's for a yummy Thanksgiving dinner! The boys took a football because already they somehow get that turkey means football!

Mary & Mike and the boys, David & Sinda, Glade & Kami, Andrew & Ali, Kathy (I don't know her last name, but she knew David in Oklahoma and moved out here in September) and Mom and Don made up our fun little group! Dinner was delicious, and the boys LOVED the pie!

We also got to meet Don's 2 sons and their families. 3 little girls and 1 boy. Mike told Mom that she's marrying Don because of the granddaughters. It sure changes the dynamics a bit!

Zach and Preston and Kyle are my boys best friends though. They are almost as close as brothers! We love our cousins.

I love Thanksgiving! I wish that a little more attention was payed to it as a Holiday. I think that we can all benefit a lot by just taking more time to focus on the wonderful things that we have and not just worrying about what we don't have. I love my life!

Lucas loved the animals that live next door to Grandma!

David and Sinda told me that the only pic's I had of them were of them holding the baby! So here ya go guys!

Jon and Don just chillin'!

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mary said...

very very fun! it was such a nice day, and so relaxing before we jump into Christmas nuttiness!