Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Baby (s)

I needed Santa hat pic's for the calendar I'm trying frantically finish up. So last night I told the boys to go and grab the 1 Santa hat we have and come for a photo shoot! Ok so little did I know.....the Santa hat it tiny. It fits Nick! But I had to get the pic's so we improvised! Then I thought it would be cute to take Nick's pic in a stocking. Which it would have if he hadn't been so big that he ended up looking like a mermaid! Oh brother. The best laid plans!

Missy was not to be left out!

getting Isaac to hold still isn't the easiest thing!
Our little merman
Tyler is a little too cool for all for this!
crazy Lucas!

Happy Santa Matt!


Mike's Woodwork By Design said...

Missy looks SOOOO happy to have that hat on her head.

The Cantwell Clan said...

That is hilarious and adorable at the same time! I love it!

mary said...

very cute! love the mermaid baby! what cute boys you have!