Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yesterday was Nick's 2 month Doctors appointment which means of course SHOTS! But with it being Flu season I decided that Isaac and Lucas and I would get our shots too! Why waste a visit? Isaac wanted to go first. He is very proud of the fact that he doesn't t cry over shots! I went second....and no I didn't cry either! I was hopeful that Lucas would be ok since Isaac and I had been ok, boy was I wrong! He started thrashing around and screaming to the point that I practcally ahd to sit on him. And I still had one more kid to go!! Nick was a typical 2 month old, and we quickly left the Doctors office! On the way home Isaac reminded me of our long standing tradition of Happy Meals after shots. Leave it to that guy to not forget anything! (5 Years ago Tyler was under going some testing and had to have a lot of shots, and his blood drawn a lot, and Happy Meals can get a stressed out kid through just about anything!) The 3 "BIG" kids recovered quickly but Nick was so miserable all afternoon! Mike and I kept massaging his legs with Vapo rub and the poor kid just screamed and screamed! But all of that stress lead to 8 HOURS OF SLEEP last night! I woke up at 4:15 his morning in a panic! He'd gone down at 7:30! WOW!Thanks shots!

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mary said...

OW!!! I sure hate shots day! Lucas reminds me of when we give Zach shots - he still thrashes around!!