Monday, November 3, 2008

Blessing Day

Well yesterday was Nicholas' blessing day. We decided to bless him at home with just our parents and siblings, my grandparents and a couple of close, not sick, friends (in other words a small group) to try to avoid germs. We are trying really hard to avoid RSV. Anyway, it was a wonderful day. Mike gave Nick a beautiful blessing. I love my husband he's the best. And my boys. How many mom's are lucky enough to get 5 boys?!? And I always love having my family around. I really treasure the time I get with my Grandpa. He's 82 now and who knows how much longer we will be blessed to have him around. I tell you though, Grandma Beverly has been a blessing. Her love and attention has breathed new life into grandpa!

It was kinda funny to realize that my brother Stephen (who Nicholas is named after) was also blessed at home! We named him after Stephen for several reasons, but who knew that they would have this in common too! They are both the fifth child. Stephen and I are 10 years apart, Stephen and Tyler are 10 years apart and Tyler and Nicholas are 10 years apart! We've also named each of our boys after someone special. Someone that we want them to be able to look to as an example of goodness and love. Someone that they can try to be like, and Stephen is certainly someone who is all of those things. I love my brothers. I guess I've been lucky in my life to be surrounded by boys! Of course I would never make it through a day without my sister. (Or my mom!! Of course the list could keep going, and going!)
Yesterday as we were driving to Church Matt said "girls are lucky because they get to be mom's." And that pretty much sums up mylife. I'm lucky to be a mom! Aunt Mary, Kyle and Nick!
Uncle Danny

Uncle Paul and Jonathan

Grandma Kathy and Don

Angel Jamie

Sammi the little mom

Brynlee the babysitter

Huh? Everyone else on the couch was all cozy so Mary decided to be cozy with Danny!

David and Sinda

My wonderful Grandpa and Grandma Beverly

Grandma and Grandpa Staten

Kami and Jamie, my life support's!


This was such a great day! I Love my little Nick!


Brown Family said...

Congrats! We missed you!

Sen said...

Congrats !!! That is awesome, SRSLY! Love all of the pics I feel as if I was there too ;)