Sunday, July 7, 2013

Outlaws Puma Cup

It's tournament time!  One of the best parts of summer for our family are the soccer tournaments...and the Outlaws Puma Cup is one that all 3 of the boys played in!  Tyler played with Brady's team (the u15's) since his team didn't have enough teams for a full bracket.  Matt and his team were playing and Isaac and his new team played in their first ever tournament!  Because it's our club we also had to help out as field marshal's and Tyler got to ref a lot of games.  It was a VERY busy couple of days!

Tyler's team played SO well!  It was so fun to watch and to top it all off they took silver!  Wahoo!!

Matt's team also played well.  They beat every team EXCEPT the one that borrowed 5 premier players from Sparta....those games were ROUGH but the boys tried hard and in the end also took silver! Way to go guys!

Isaac's team struggled.  To be fair they were playing in the u10-u11 bracket.....they beat the other u10 team but lost to the u11's.  And Isaac did a great job in goal! They made it to the semi finals (which I didn't expect) and it was a great chance to get on the field and work as a team!

Lucas and Nick were very patient and very good.  They built log cabins and  played with all of the other little kids....the highlight for them came when Leo the Lion (RSL mascot) came to the game!  It was a great weekend with so many great games!  Way to go Outlaws!

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