Sunday, December 2, 2012

The "Greatest" Grandpa

Today after Deans blessing we stopped at Grandpa and Beverly's so that Mike could get Grandpa's bike.  Grandpa has decided that it is no longer safe for him to ride....he's 86....and wanted his bike to go to someone that would love it.  Mike certainly fits that bill.  He is in LOVE with Grandpa's 1974 Schwinn Suburban.  The bike's cool and all (and I'll post those pics too) but the best part of the day was watching Grandpa with my kids.  My kids adore him.  He loves them.  The bestest of the best part of the day was when they went out to get the bike and my kids saw the wheel chair.  Grandpa told them that those were the wheels old people ride on.  And THEN he proceeded to run them around the neighborhood.  Yeah...not the wheels for this old guy!  He's THE best!

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