Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Fun!

December is nuts but oh so fun!  The boys went to the Home Depot Kids club with Mike and saw Santa...sorta:)!

 We made a traditional Czech Christmas dinner (minus the carp....)

 The kids all made home made gifts again this year.  This year was fun and fairly simple which made it even more fun for mom!:) LOTS of home made shrinky dinks this year.

 Nick spent a lot of time helping me cook.....and he is convinced that having a towel on his shoulder helps the onions not sting his eyes:)

And of course family Christmas parties.  Or Staten party was at the hotel again...we ate pizza swam and came home and didn't even think to take a picture!

Our Horrocks/Wittke party was at Mom and Don's again and it was a fun night filled with a lot of excited and hyper kids!  Each kid got a book and their reaction was the best I've ever seen.  They all were SO excited!  I love that they all LOVE to read!

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