Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Isaac!!!

I can't believe it but ISAAC IS 9!!!  Where in the world have the last 9 years gone?  WOW!  Isaac has always been an amazing child.  He's sweet and smart and thoughtful.  He never wants to say anything critical....to the point that even if something tastes really bad he hums and haws and finally comes out with something like "Well, um, there are parts of dinner that I really like....some probably aren't my favorite....but you did such a great job getting it done on time!"  LOL funny kiddo.  I just ADORE him.

Anyway, this year we have a fun dinner, cake and presents (with the Malan's) on his birthday.  The Avengers was probably the biggest hit of the night! (but of course he would want to say that he really loved each and every gift he received:) cutie)   Then we also took some friends and went bowling.  It was simple and fun and I didn't have any clean up!  Happy Birthday to my sweet and amazing Isaac!!

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