Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Lucas!

I honestly can't believe that my sweet little Lucas is 7!  7!  Where in the world did all of those years go?  Lucas is one of the greatest kids!  He is sweet and funny and a BIG tease!  I just adore him.  He has a smile that will melt any heart and eyes that sparkle when he smiles.  Oh I love him!

This year we had a fun family dinner and presents on his Birthday.  He was one happy kiddo!

 Then we had the family party....which is always awesome since its Lucas, Zach and Preston.  They always have fun together and I love watching them all get excited about what the other 2 are getting.

THEN (phew February gets a little nuts) We had a combined friend party at Get Air.  Mary and I found a great Groupon which made it super cheap and I don't think the kids could have even hoped for a greater party!

 Lucas loved his birthday month:)  Happy Birthday my sweet and wonderful Lucas!

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