Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birthday Fun

January has the best birthdays:) hahaha just kidding!  But we do have a lot of fun.  This year we celebrated the January birthdays before Stephen and Melissa went back to Indiana.  Melissa, Mike, Livi and myself were spoiled rotten:) We had a fun dinner and being together was the best!

 Then I was lucky to share my birthday with Miss Olivia!  Mary made us matching birthday shirts!  We were going to go breakfast but Preston woke up with croup SO Mike watched Nick while I went to Mary's for breakfast.  And of course....Miss Olivia slept the whole time! hahaha

Then I got to have a fun birthday dinner with my family.  Oh how I adore my kids and hubby!  They treat me so well!

And last but not least....We got to be a part of Livi's first birthday!  She's such a stinkin cute kiddo!  And I'm lucky to have her in my life!

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